A very special German Shorthaired Pointer

A very special German Shorthaired Pointer

Dogs love farms – so many smells and things to chase! Willoughby was always such a gentleman, and only ever really went off farther than he should when his brother Ripley made him!

Olivia’s friend Daniel taught Wills how to go catch a sheep for him – Daniel would run at the sheep, somehow indicating to Wills which one he wanted to bring down – to check for flies, or whatever other reason (sometimes just to show off the trick!). Wills would separate the sheep and confuse it for long enough for Daniel to come up and catch it. He always went after the right one. And he never bit it.

Willoughby was a very clever, gentle dog. So special, and everyone who met him saw that in some form or another. All the emails and messages after his passing have affirmed that.

He always (proudly) knew he was no Kelpie, but he loved being on Uamby, being around the sheep, or on the back of a ute – especially on the back of a quad-bike. His legs got in the way a bit though, not quite the balance of a kelpie/collie. Or simply snoozing on the verandah in the shade with the rest of the pack. Great memories!

Willoughby was laid to rest at Uamby Station, Goolma, in Red Paddock overlooking the Cudgeong River.


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