As I cruise at 30000 feet over the Pacific Ocean on my way to a conference in New Zealand several things are going through my mind. Like no kids for the next 4 days, pure bliss.

But I take this opportunity every year as I head to a conference I part convene, to think about what I personally can achieve and what Vet HQ can achieve over the next 12 months. I was listening to a TED talk a few weeks back about trust. There is an amazing woman I met over the holidays called Rachel Botsman who is a world leader in how our understanding of trust has changed fundamentally. We now trust a 5 star rating by a stranger possibly even more so than by your best friend or mother. If the google rating is 5* and there are more 5* then any other we tend to accept it. We have no idea who the people who have rated are. If someone personally recommends something we nine out of ten times will go online and check what the rating for the recommendation is.

Why do we trust a stranger more than a personal friend we have known for years. Why would we loan our car, our home and even our pet out for the weekend to someone … as long as they have a 5* rating. I will leave Rachel to answer that for you at the TED link below.

Vet HQ’s solution however is simple. The world may have gone online. You may be able to order your meal delivered online, your plane tickets and hotel online and you may be even able to have a relationship online (that’s what I have been told) but what we offer at Vet HQ can’t be done online. We offer service, a bond, and a commitment to you that nobody will care for your loved pet more than us, and a guarantee that we will look after your pet family member as if it was our pet, our best friend. Sure we can do that in the comfort of your home on a Wednesday at no extra charge but we will be there. It will be one of us, one of my team that I strive to train, educate, and lead by example to ensure that you feel 100% satisfied that your loved pet family is cared for to the fullest.

In saying that if you feel up to giving us a rating on facebook or google that would be amazing as we have to always stay on the ball and current in the eyes of google.

Happy New Year and bring it on.

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