You know that feeling when you purchased your new digital camera? Well not only did Vet HQ get the new Digital Radiography unit – the Veterinary Fujifilm FCR Capsula XLII CR System, we also got the super dooper slick (red because it goes faster) XRay machine – the RAD-X HF Premier Vet X-ray System.

There is nothing we can’t take an XRAY of now. We also can have the results in about 40sec. As the images are digital we can manipulate them and change them to see more than we could on a standard XRAY. It also means we can diagnose more quickly with obvious benefits to you and your pets. We have also a direct Internet line to Specialist Radiologists and if required we can get a comment on radiographs almost instantaneously.

I have attached a few radiographs and of course the wonderful SNAP and yours truly showing you our new toy.

A standard digital x-ray

And the same x-ray reversed to better visualize certain areas.

SNAP and Geoff playing with the new toy.

The computer system that processes and stores our digital x-rays.