When your pet becomes ill, it can be very worrying. Be proactive with your pet’s well being and if you are concerned or your pet just “doesn’t seem right” have a Vet check your pet. At Vet HQ, a Vet is available for consultation by appointment during our opening hours and if needed a Vet is also available after hours.

At Vet HQ we use the most up to date information to treat the medical conditions of your pet. Our treatments are individualised for each patient and client but are based on the most current therapies as recommended by Australian and International Veterinary Specialists.

At Vet HQ we use a logical clinical problem solving technique, so that even the most complicated of problems can be assessed without confusion by our University of Sydney qualified Veterinarians. During the assessment of your pet, we give them a thorough physical examination and attain a detailed history from you.

In some cases, further tests such as laboratory testing, radiology, ultrasound, surgery or as with your own medical general practitioner; referral to a Registered Specialist may be recommended.

Please click on the relevant links in the Medicine sub-menu in the left navigation panel. Print and answer the questions in the questionnaire that may assist with a more accurate and efficient diagnosis of your pet’s illness.

+ Fitting or collapse

+ Itchy skin

+ Coughing

+ Increased appetite and weight loss

+ Loss of appetite or weight loss

+ Diarrhoea

+ Vomiting