Sadly, and with the heaviest of hearts, we have farewelled Dweezil.

We are so, so grateful to Monika’s Doggie Rescue for saving ‘Cheezil’ from Blacktown pound as a puppy all those years ago. The instant I saw his photo in the newsletter, he said ‘Choose Me’ and I did. I knew then how special he was and with a slight name change he soon became Dweezil or ‘The Dweeze’ in more formal circumstances. That was 13.5 years ago.

His adoption, and the amazing work Monika and her team do, inspired the team at TASK2 to create the first Doggie Rescue Calendar back in 2005. Now in its 13th year, it raises much-needed funds for Doggie Rescue. What an incredible legacy for him to leave behind.

Dweeze was also the poster boy featured on billboards, banner ads and merchandise with a little help from Photoshop!

In 2013, he was voted Australia’s Top Advertising Agency Dog of the Year. What a Superstar!

Dweezil had had a great life. He spent most days in the office with me and was my shadow. All our wonderful team and clients alike loved him. Dweeze just wanted to be around people. Sometimes I think he really was a human trapped in a dog’s body. Dweeze meant the world to me. He was my ‘little man’, short in stature but big in personality and attitude. That’s what made him very special to so many people. At nearly 17, it was his time. We made the heartbreaking, but right decision, to let him go. It was a privilege having him in our lives and we are richer for it, dogs can teach us so much. There is something so beautiful about giving a rescue dog a second chance; they know how lucky they are.

Go well little man. You have had one big adventure and most importantly, you have been loved.

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