tupfHe started out as a stray cat from Greece who was petrified of humans. Never in my life had I been so clearly “chosen” by a cat as I was by him. He fell out of a grape wine accidentally and landed on my lap. At first, he must have been as shocked as I was, but then just gave me a plaintive meow, curled up and went to sleep in my lap. From then on, he followed me around like a puppy on my heel. After three weeks, I couldn’t leave him behind and took him home to Austria. And thus began the life of one of the most well traveled cats. We moved from Greece, to Austria, then to the USA, and then to Australia. In total, he moved house 9 times with me.

His favorite spot was to curl up within my hoodies, zipper closed up to his chin. Wherever I was, he would be in the same room as I was. It had taken him over 2 years to allow other persons in the same room as I was and from panicky scaredy cat, he turned into a territorial, but polite creature that would (more or less politely) accompany stray dogs, stray cats, and even raccoons off our property.

Hi was best-buddies with Brummel and absolutely adored and loved the Lady. He was the glue, that stuck the three of them together. If it weren’t for him, Brummel and Lady wouldn’t be found in the same room together, let alone now, even sharing a food bowl.

He was a trooper in so many ways, and one who constantly bumped into his fears, and actively overcame them. I think, in the end he was the bravest cat I have known. He has been a huge part of my life, and my heart was so much richer for him. It still is – but I miss him. My special, sometimes obnoxious, slightly pushy, cuddly, household-ruling, but always my best furry friend…

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