Fit N Flash 100% natural pet food treats available at vet hq

Fit N Flash 100% natural pet food treats available at vet hq

I have just been informed that there was a piece of sensationalist journalism last week on Channel 7 stating that Chicken treats were toxic to pets. I would like to qualify that to my clients and friends.

At Vet HQ we recommend using Australian made and sourced, 100% human consumption meat. It does not matter if it is fish, chicken or lamb, as long as it is 100% meat with no preservatives. The brands of treats we recommend are Fit N Flash and Vets Best Rewards. They are both available from Vet HQ reception.

Over the years several animals have died from ingesting treats that either contain poisonous products or have reacted in the body of the dog in an abnormal way. We do not know exactly why some treats cause problems and in fact recently a pet shop pet food was banned from this country because it too caused death in dogs. We suspect that it may have something to do with the irradiation that happens to pet food products when they enter the country to ensure there is no introduction of foreign bacteria or virus.

What we do know is that so call ‘fresh meat’ or the ‘pet rolls’ contain sulphur dioxide that can be a very dangerous product for pets.

  • Please only feed your pets human consumption fresh food and bypass anything for your pet in the supermarket.
  • When it comes to dry food we recommend Hills Science Diet and Prescription diet foods as well as Eukanuba and Royal Canin.
  • With treats remember 100% natural, no preservatives, no additives and Australian Made.

If you can not get to us in Double Bay call us and one of our reception team will organise to post or drop in some treats to your house.

You can read more on our website at the following link.

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