blog-heading-hpI went to a local high school year 11 careers day today. I was giving my talk after a marine biology talk that had about 30-40 kids in it. After my talk was a business talk that had 50 or so kids in it. My talk 4. What does that mean? The kids had not even met me to know they should not listen to me.

Recently in the SMH they had the top 10 professions in terms of earnings. Vets are no where near that. In fact as I made the kids today aware a plumber or an electrician earn more than Veterinarians from day dot, even though vets need to study for 6 years now to be qualified.

Being a veterinarian is a wonderful job, but unfortunately a very taxing, hard and potentially unrewarding profession. We work incredibly long hours and have to deal with life and death situations almost on a daily basis. The best thing is that no two days are the same and we get to experience the joy of making animals feel better and the joy of being a part of the human animal bond.

For me personally I have always wanted to be a vet. From the age of 7 my parents would call the dog to find out where I was and invariably the dog was better behaved than me and would come when called. Hopefully, today I was able to impart my love for my profession and my job, whilst being realistic with respect to the pressures of the job and the realities of economics.

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