A very special boy

26/01/05- 27/08/19

Tiny and I were together for 5,268 days and will be with me forever in spirit.

He was the most beautiful boy, loved by many.

He was so gentle and calm. He was perfect to be with.

He was adorable, we loved our time together, and I wish it could be longer.

Tiny was a patient at Vet HQ for most of his life and we were regulars as Tiny didn’t experience the best health.

He was diagnosed with cushings syndrome, heart problems, kidney and liver issues, butt issues and an operation, arthritis, skin, ear and eye problems and was overweight until Geoff got me to feed him a perfect diet.

Geoff and the team took great care of Tiny so he wasn’t too stressed going to the Vet. However he was smart enough to know when we were going and would take every detour so I’d carry him the km.

Tiny received excellent treatment and even at 14 ½ years people thought he was a pup (until they saw him waddle on shaky legs).

Thanks to Vet HQ for contributing to Tiny’s wonderful life.

Narelle and Tiny

Tiny- you can see why I called him Tiny

The middle years

Tiny enjoying birthdays

Tiny enjoying Christmas

Tiny and me

Tiny posing

Tiny in July- looking healthy and happy

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