94E2A3D364C10CFDFB7D16DD6C595597Ticks can be dangerous

Lola was holidaying in Byron Bay recently and returned to Sydney a little lethargic which wasn’t unexpected after a fun-filled holiday. However, over the following few days she not only continued to be lethargic, but started vomiting and becoming wobbly on her back legs. The owner then found 2 large paralysis ticks on her face and neck. While Lola was given a spot on treatment just 2 weeks beforehand which protected her against worms and fleas, her owner didn’t realise that it didn’t protect her against ticks.
The following is a video link of Lola walking when she came into Vet HQ

We shaved her hair off to check for any more ticks, treated her with frontline spray, administered tick antitoxin and lubricated her eyes until her eyelids recovered from the paralysis and could blink.

The following video link is the following day. It shows how much the treatment has helped her and she went home 1 day later after making a complete recovery.

Please ensure your pets are protected against paralysis ticks if they will be travelling to a tick-affected area. If you are unsure, please contact us at Vet HQ to discuss which tick prevention is best for your pet.

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