Wouldja will finally be able to run in the park like other dogs!

This case was a first for Vet HQ.

We are now able to offer a new surgical technique to improve stability in the knee joint appropriate for medium to large breed dogs with cruciate ligament disease. Geoff is one of the few general practitioners to perform the surgery in Sydney thanks to extensive training in London mid this year.

Wouldja is a beautiful 2 year old Staffordshire bull terrier. He had been diagnosed with bilateral cruciate ligament disease. The cruciate ligament provides stability to the stifle (knee) joint. If it’s ruptured or damaged the dog the knee becomes very unstable causing immense pain. Of dogs that have cruciate disease- approximately 30% are affected bilaterally. As both of Wouldja’s knees were affected his resultant quality of life without surgery was quite poor. He couldn’t run with other dogs in the park, he couldn’t even walk for more than a minute without pain.

The name of the surgery is Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA). The aim of this surgery is to modify the forces acting upon the cruciate deficient stifle so that under load (ie when walking or weight bearing) the stifle (knee) will be stable.

During the surgery the tibial plateau is cut and moved forward to sit at 90 degrees to the patella ligament. The resulting placement of the bone is stabilized using a system of cages, plates and screws. As this will result in a stable joint, the knee can now function normally- so no more pain.

Within 12 hours of the surgery Wouldja was weight bearing and within 48hours he was walking well on the leg. He needs strict rest over the next month to allow healing.

The plan for Wouldja is to have surgery on the other affected leg in 2 months or so. This will enable him to live a long and happy life without pain in his knees. He can finally run with all his friends!

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