AW1604 VETHQ B0 Balls Poster FAI got asked late last night the time old question. Why are you telling me my dog needs to get desexed. This dog … we will call him ‘Jack’… is a large breed, Great Dane X dog with a beautiful personality. The owners adore him, and they see no reason to desex him. The only problem is multiple times completely randomly Jack has been attacked by other dogs. Jack the innocent bystander in the incidents comes off with a cut here and a cut there and Jacks owners are shaken.

My professional comment to this circumstance is the testosterone hormone that Jack is excreting is arousing the other dogs to the point of aggression. It is not Jack, it is the aura that he is putting out in the environment. My belief is there is no reason to have an entire male dog in the city.

Other medical reasons for desexing include:

1. Testicular cancer

2. Prostate cancer or benign enlargement

3. Perineal Hernia’s

4. Potentially behaviour changes like aggression.

Please contact me or anyone on my wonderful team if you have any questions about this topic.


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