July 17, 2016

I have had 2 overgrown hounds cared for by Geoff and the Vet HQ team over the last 10 years. Whilst the business has expanded, so has the expertise from the vets and nurses, without any compromise to the care of the clients (the animals) and their owners. I am always very impressed by the consistency and quality in the care and expert vetting, both routine and emergency.

My Irish Wolfhound/Great Dane Jack recently had voluntary surgery – desexing and prophylactic laparoscopic gastropexy (a preventative measure against twisted stomach from bloat in a big chested dog) and Jack has bounced back in no time to be his goofy self. 10 out of 10 always from me, for Vet HQ. Definitely the best vet clinic in town. Thank you so much for the peace of mind you give all of us owners. And the laughs as well. 🙂

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