It’s been almost 3 months since Stella passed.

We have a bit of perspective, but our sense of loss grief remains profound. The back half of 2021 is still a blur. As much as we prepared ourselves, made sure she knew how much we loved her, and never took a moment of time for granted, having to say goodbye (until we see her again) was devastating. We are so thankful for her coming into our lives, discuss countless memories of her and us as a family and we press on. Sunset was our “check-in” family time and we still raise a glass to her for each one.

The end of life phase of a Veterinarian’s job is unimaginable. (Well, I would think dealing with pet owners is the truly unimaginable part!) We were fortunate with Stella in so many ways in that she was not in physical pain, her condition was closely monitored, and while it was so traumatising for us, we knew it was the right time and decision.

It was your counsel, your availability, care, empathy, and telling it to us straight what you knew and what you couldn’t know, what you could do about it and what you couldn’t, that helped us throughout Stella’s life and at the end.

When it came time, your availability and willingness to come to our apartment for Stella, to help with the process, and know that she was comfortable and safe in her home with us….we cannot thank you enough.

Thank you to you, Dr Caryn, and the whole staff at your practice over the years who helped us ensure Stella was healthy and had the best care and quality of life we could give her.

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