Late last Sunday night, 24/1/21, our incredible, steadfast Wonder Dog passed after an arduous day of decline. It was time. Not that we wanted to see it but she was ready to cross the rainbow bridge. We cried all of Sunday watching her breakdown.

To say we are devastated would be an understatement. How can it be when she constantly defied all odds, when even late last year our amazing vets were astounded at how healthy she was. For that, I will always be so proud of myself as I tried to be such a good mama to her. I worked my life around what was right for her, especially in these last couple of years.

She reached an amazing 15yrs 8months. I could not have asked for a more devoted, loving, stubborn, silly and utterly beautiful companion who was always at my side and saw me through some really dark times.

She had many names: Belsy, Bella, Monkey, Blonde, Leliloo, Shadow, Velcro dog, Buba, Schmoo… the list goes on. So much so that when I started dating Rich he had to confirm her name because I called her so many different ones – all of which she responded to.

We had a bond that was unlike anything I had known, utterly unbreakable.

Saying goodbye, rather than trying to make her better on Sunday was possibly one of the hardest things that I have ever done.

She was my constant. 💜 My best friend.

To all my friends who have had her for weekends, days here and there, or just shown her such love – thank you. She loved you all. Such a social bunny.

We can’t quite believe she isn’t here anymore, and I know that where she is is right. It doesn’t stop our hearts from breaking.

We miss her so much, her softness, her panting, her eyes. The tip-tap of her paws on the tiles, her gentle snoring, her face looking up asking for food, for walks or simply just for a cuddle. It was rare when I didn’t know what she needed.

I’m so utterly grateful for the love and devotion you brought to my life. You are such a huge part of me that I know you will always be with me.

I will forever be grateful for your spirit, your energy and your unwavering love.

We will always love Belly. ❤️

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