Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.45.31 AMLast week I was placed in the situation I get placed in over and over again “If it were your cat what would you do?” This is a really hard question for me and my colleagues to answer. As a scientist I have a brain that wants to know what is happening and then make the ‘gold standard’ decision and treat appropriately. My job is about diagnosing and treating animals.

However one part of my job, that is in fact the most important, is empathy and the ability to ensure the quality of life of my patients is maintained at all times. The problem with assessing quality of life is that everyone has a different perception of what that means and everyone draws their line in the sand at a different location.

I believe pets should be able to eat, play, go to the toilet and sleep comfortably. I believe pets should give us happiness and comfort and bring a smile to our faces. When these Quality of Life factors start to go then its time.

Winnie passed away before I could publish this. Hopefully Winnie’s parents’ journey can help guide others.

Dr Geoff

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