How Sammi came to lose a kidney.


Sammi is a 14 year old female speyed Daschund. She presented to Vet HQ for a routine check up where it was found on her physical examination that she had a large mass occupying most of her abdomen. This required further work up immediately.
Blood was taken for a full profile, and interestingly all parameters were within normal limits. An ultrasound was performed at VetHQ which showed the mass was about 15cm diameter, and was putting pressure on all the organs in her abdomen. It was thought to possibly involve the kidney but we could not be sure. All other organs looked normal. See image below:

She was booked in for surgery the next morning where the mass was successfully removed. It was a long and complex surgery. As Sammi is an older dog it was even more essential that her vital signs and blood pressure be measured constantly and intravenous fluid amount administered accordingly. Sammi recovered well. The mass/kidney was sent to the laboratory for histopathology and was found to be a renal cystadenocarcinoma.

The tumour caused obstruction of the renal outflow causing hydronephrosis (fluid in the kidney) and hence its enormous and growing size. It was completely removed but due to its invasive nature it still has the potential for metastatic spread. We will need to monitor her regularly.

Sammi is back to her fabulous self and enjoying life with her one kidney!!

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