Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 9.56.42 AMFound after 6 weeks missing

Sam is a beloved cat who went missing for 6 weeks before finally being found inside a neighbour’s garage.  He came into Vet HQ extremely dehydrated, had lost nearly 2kg’s and was hardly able to stand because he was so wobbly and disorientated on his feet. 

Sam’s blood test showed that he had severe liver dysfunction but the rest of his blood work was remarkably normal. 

We will never know where Sam was over those 6 weeks or what he was eating but his liver failure was most likely due to either a poisoning or the fact that he wasn’t eating much. When the liver isn’t working well, toxins can build up in the brain and cause the wobbliness and disorientation that Sam was experiencing. 

Sam spent a week in hospital on intravenous fluids, drugs to support his liver and regular high calorie syringe feeds as he wasn’t feeling well enough to eat by himself. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 9.56.48 AMThis picture shows that Sam’s skin was jaundiced from the liver disease. His gums, eyes and ears were also yellow. 

Sam is now home and being cared for very well by his owners were are so overjoyed to finally have him back in the house. He is improving every day and is finally back to demanding to eat by himself and annoying his little cat brother. He is no longer yellow-tinged but rather has his healthy pink flush back!

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