Poppie is a young labradoodle who was brought into Vet HQ by a good samaritan who saw her get hit by a car in Rose Bay. We are very saddened to report that the driver who hit Poppie drove off.

When she arrived to Vet HQ she was in shock but we were able to quickly stabilize her. While she wasn’t suffering from any life threatening injuries, she did have a badly broken hip and pelvis.

Luckily her microchip details were up to date and we were able to quickly contact her owners who had just arrived at their holiday destination. They hopped straight back on the plane to come home and support Poppie.

She underwent a 4 hour orthopaedic surgery to place a plate in her pelvis and place 3 pins into the top of the thigh bone to fix the hip joint. She recovered really well.

4 weeks later she is standing and walking well. Resting her is becoming more difficult as she is regaining mobility and strength. In a couple of weeks, she will be able to return to normal exercise and run around.

If you see a dog hit by a car please rush them to the nearest Vet Hospital and keep them as still and calm as possible. Call the clinic on your way to let them know you are coming.

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