Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 9.41.18 PMI want to say thank you to everyone at Vet HQ for the wonderful care Pip received in her last days and thank you for the efforts everyone one made to try and save her. Thank you to the wonderful nurse who held Pip in her final moments and Whispered “Mum and Dad love you.”

Everyone thinks their dog is amazing, but Pippin was very, very special. After she became blind we had lots of house moves, our current house is a very big two story house and within 24 hours Pip had mastered the stairs, the way to the doggy toilet, and was quite at home. Pip would never bite a human and trustworthy with everyone. Dogs on the other hand, she was 4 kg but she was the boss. Even after she was blind she was the boss at home.

Our favourite memory occurred after the first eye removal operation. Barry used to lift her off the bed and carry her to the yard in the morning to go to the toilet. From that day on she would wait perched like a meerkat, waiting for Barry to carry her out to the yard. She would do it all day after that herself and when Barry was away she hop of the bed herself but when he was at home that was the first job in the morning. This was her special “looking forward treat.”

Leonie, Barry, Molly and Ginger Megs

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