On the top level of Vet HQ is our Cat Boarding facility where we have 16 cat bungalows all fitted with hidey holes, levels, blankets and soft beds. Your cats will have the room to move within their enclosure and get the opportunity for time out in the general cat boarding room during the day while the animal attendants service their suites. We offer daily cuddles, pamper time (brushing) and can have your cats nails clipped during their stay.

We have a Feliway pheromone diffuser running 24/7 to make even the most timid cat feel at ease as we want to make your cat’s experience with us as relaxing as possible. For the kittens (and the kittens at heart) we have an array of toys and levels for their curious minds to play and explore and for senior cats we provide low level enclosures and warm fluffies so they can curl up and relax.

We feed Hills Science Diet and Royal Canin dry food to all our cats unless otherwise specified. We are happy to accommodate specific dietary requests (you can bring your cat’s favourite food/treats along) and will medicate all cats that have special medical needs. If you would like to come check out our Cat Boarding please call reception to arrange a viewing time or for any other enquiries.