Please feed raw bones only.

Dog’s Teeth and the Use of Bones for Cleaning

2D6CAB4A249D36BFDDFE625E1322F35DAs humans, our teeth are composed of flat molars that are designed to chew and grind food up into a paste. Our teeth sit on top of each other. Dogs, on the other hand have upright, pointy teeth that are set slightly apart like a pair of scissor blades. They are designed to cut food up into small pieces for swallowing.

9E11DA0AA9D31C1AC856B2B71575FB2EIn the wild dogs are hunters and start with a large prey animal that must be gnawed into smaller pieces. These prey are NOT cooked or smoked but RAW. The dog’s digestive system is designed to digest RAW bones. Once cooked, the calcium in the bones changes chemical composition and becomes indigestible, brittle and more dangerous in terms of causing blockages, constipation and bowel perforations.

So, not only do the bones become DANGEROUS, the nutrients within the bone become impossible for the body to absorb properly.

SO why bother!!!

Vet HQ recommends that COOKED bones (e.g. baked legs of lamb bones, cooked shanks, BBQ T bones and chops) and SMOKED bones (often from Pet stores) NOT be fed to your pets. If you want to choose tooth cleaning treats then aim for RAW low fat raw bones (brisket bones, necks, flaps), pig’s ears, pizzles, snouts, dried meats or Greenies.

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