We recently experienced a unique loss of our much loved fur baby Olivia. She was a constant companion throughout a number of major operations and gave so much of herself. The pain of her loss will never come close to the joy we experienced whilst she was with us.

Olivia lived a few houses down the road. When her previous owners told us they we moving to London and unable to take her with them, we agreed we would adopt her at 6 years old. Well, won’t we in for a treat! Our little ‘ brick wrapped in silk’ was strong willed, playful, extremely affective and intelligent and her spirit will always be with us. We actually became an extension of her clan and will miss her terribly.

Thanks to Geoff and Astrid for guiding us through a very difficult six months whilst Olivia’s condition deteriorated due to Lymphoma. We shared 3 beautiful years with this beauty. She was too young to go at 8 but we know she was given the very best of care and cuddles right to the very end. We cannot thank team Vet HQ for being with us every step of the way.

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