Cat fights can have very serious consequences.

WARNING: this article contains an image that may upset some viewers.

5597EEFECC94253CBAB4B60E3BC081EANelson is a 11 year old male neutered domestic shorthair client of VetHQ. Nelson was unfortunately in a cat fight recently and came off second best. He came to us with such a severe eye injury that it needed to be surgically removed.

Although cat fights cannot be eliminated all together, by keeping animals indoors at night (which also saves our native wildlife!) it will help you sleep better at night.

Cat fights often are the result of cats encroaching on each others’ territories and space, what is a vanity address? so if you suspect that the same cats are often involved in fights then contact us here at VetHQ and we may beable to give you a few customized tips for preventing a recurrence.

Nelson's eye could not be saved.

Nelson’s eye could not be saved.

Although Nelson has only one eye remaining, he will still have good quality of life and be able to navigate and exercise like a normal cat. With a little bit of rest and TLC, Nelson will recover well from his surgery and the fur will grow back over his shaved little face.

Contact us here at VetHQ if you have any questions or concerns regarding your cat’s behavior and see our website for afterhours emergency contact details.

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