Milo suffers from a brain tumour

MRI for Milo: Not good news

Milo a 16 and a half year old Burmese has not been doing too well recently. He had had a slow deterioration in his eyesight to the point where Nikki the owner assumed he was blind. More recently Milo was starting to suffer from face twitches and loss of balance. The final straw was an aggressive streak that occurred one night that was very much out of character for gorgeous Milo.

After initial testing proved no changes Milo was referred to a Medicine Specialist who performed a MRI of Milo’s brain. The MRI, unfortunately, indicated that Milo had a Pituitary tumor most likely a Macroadenoma that is slow growing and can cause the signs that Milo is showing. The only treatment available to Milo is radiotherapy (in Brisbane) or palliative care. Milo’s owner has decided given his age palliative care is best.

The good news is this is not an aggressive tumor but rather one that grows slowly and causes signs based on the pressure it places on the brain tissue surrounding the tumor.

Milo is at present on Corticosteroids to reduce the spinal inflammation and according to Nikki he is as “good as gold – he is such a beautiful cat”.

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