Adventurous Milly got herself into some trouble



Milly is a cheeky and adventurous 1 year old cat who loves exploring outside. A few months ago she returned home for dinner with a limp, a grazed nose and lots of scratches.

We saw Milly during our Wednesday morning house call visits and she had a very sore right leg, lots of bruising and scrapes. It’s impossible to tell whether she had a fall, got into a fight with another cat or got hit by a car. We transported her back to the clinic and took some x-rays of her sore leg which showed us it was broken.

Milly had surgery to repair her fractured leg. We placed a plate over the broken part to hold it together.

She wasn’t too happy about being kept indoors for 6 weeks to recover but she can now run around, pain free without any problems. Her alternative to climbing trees outside has become climbing large scratching poles and chasing toys around.

If you would like us to examine your pet at your own home we perform house calls at no extra charge on Wednesday mornings. Please call us on 93261255 to book an appointment.

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