Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 12.59.50 AMOnce there were two great friends Jacky (the Jack Russell) and Roxy (the Boxer).

Jacky, close to 12, passed away in January 2016 and Roxy 3 ½ years before this.

When Roxy passed away we still had Jacky to care for, but now with Jacky gone there is a big hole left in our life.

It is very hard when you loose your best friends.

Roxy joined our family as a puppy and Jacky was adopted when he was 1.5 years old, but we allready knew him as he was our neighbour’s pet. He was welcomed by all members of the family, including Roxy. Being a Jack Russell, he did not care about the size of other dogs and considered himself, at the very least, equal to her (Roxy). They were playing for hours together, often sleeping together in Roxy’s bed.

Our back yard was Jacky’s Kingdom: he would hunt for rats and lizards, chase away some birds and enjoy” sun baking”.
When Roxy became deaf due to old age Jacky became her ears and was also more protective of her.

Jacky had a very interesting and complex personality, almost human like, and this makes it the more difficult to let go of him. He had his moods. You could pat or hold him only when he wanted this, sometimes he would like to be left alone, but very often he would give a lot of kisses and play with you for a long time. He liked people a lot, was very friendly and we called him “ladies charmer”.

Jacky was very loyal to Roxy and after her death, he socialised less with other dogs and became choosy in making friends with them.

I took him on the morning walks to Coogee beach and a lot of dog owners remember Jacky.

My husband : “I took Jack on the evening/night walks. Sitting/staring at my PC, Jack would bark and start ripping apart the paper in the study bin…..time for our night walk. He kept doing this till the very end, though the last couple of weeks I carried him mostly on my shoulders…and on Jack’s last full moon, to the nearby pond, listening to the chorus of crickets.”

Cancer (Hemangiosarcoma: rapidly growing, highly invasive variety of cancer) took our Jacky from us, but he will be always in our hearts.

We feel very privileged that we had such a beautiful dogs in our life, Roxy and Jacky. They gave us all their love and made our life richer. We miss them a lot.

It takes time…..but there is ample room in our hearts to welcome such good friends and to become family members.

Thank you to Caryn, Geoff, Nicky, Astrid and all the team at Vet HQ for looking after our beloved dogs. We are very grateful to all of you.

Jacky departed to the hereafter with his eyes open. According to a tale, this is so they can more easily find their owners again. We’ll keep our eyes open for Jacky and Roxy.

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