Ginny at RushcuttersPassed away on the 26th of August, 2015

Jack was around 12 years old when we adopted him 3 years ago. He was initially very anxious and in poor health but developed into a much more confident and affectionate dog whose wellbeing also improved. We were so surprised at how loud his bark was when we heard it for the first time (a year after he came to us!). He loved being cuddled, having his walks along our street, sitting by the heater, sun tanning in the garden, and eating Mum’s home cooked meals. Our short time together brought us so many happy and fond memories and filled our days with love and laughter.

Jack, we will miss you dearly and wish you had come to us sooner. You have left a big hole in our hearts and we can only hope that we will be reunited again one day in heaven. Farewell our little soldier. May you rest in peace.

Love Mum (Lely), Dad (Bernard) and your siblings (Nick and Coco) xoxo

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