Ziggy is a 13 year old male neutered Kelpie.

Ziggy is a 13 year old male neutered Kelpie.

Living with Heart Disease.

Heart Failure in a Kelpie

Ziggy is a 13 year old male neutered Kelpie.

He presented with collapse after exercise, decreased exercise tolerance and a soft cough. He was more lethargic than usual; he was panting and agitated at home.

His x-rays show evidence of a generalized cardiomegaly (increased heart size), pulmonary venous congestion and pulmonary oedema (fluid in the lungs). He was treated with a diuretic intravenously to help clear the fluid in his lungs- he settled well with this.

To classify the heart disease further ultrasound was required. This showed that the mitral valve (the heart valve between the left atrium and ventricle) had degenerated and no longer functioned correctly. He also has degeneration of his tricuspid valve (the heart valve between the right atrium and ventricle).

The failing of his left side heart valve has caused a compensatory increase in the ventricular and atrial heart size. It has also caused increased pressure in the pulmonary vasculature and so causing translocation of fluid into the lungs.

Ziggy is now on multiple medications to control his heart disease to:

  1. improve the quality of his life
  2. prolong survival

Ziggy needs regular check ups at Vet HQ and needs to be monitored closely at home for any changes to his condition. He is still going well and although his heart disease is progressive he is able to lead a very happy life.

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