Dear Clients,

The heat is on in Jan/Feb 2016!

Last Monday Tammy Poon went on Maternity leave….. And last Thursday Tammy had a healthy baby girl. She was planning to have a few weeks rest but hey why muck around, 2 days rest is plenty. We wish her all the best for the coming few months and we look forward to seeing her back at Vet HQ towards the end of 2016.

To replace Tammy we have been lucky to sign up Tony Knapp. Tony is a Veterinarian with 6 years experience, graduating from Liverpool University in the UK and has spent the last two years working at the base of the Blue Mountains. He has a keen interest in medicine and will be joining our team full time starting 1 February.

Caryn Wun, our Senior Veterinarian is taking a well earned rest in the month of February. She has worked without a holiday for almost 2 years and its time she had a break. I chose February as it is the shortest month and I can’t do without her for too long. We hope she has a great holiday/staycation and we look forward to her return in the first week of March.

To replace Caryn we have been able to nab an amazing locum of 5 years experience Adam Heeley. Adam graduated from the University of Nottingham, also in the UK. He also has a medicine focus and will be full time for the month of February.

We go from a one and only male vet practice to having three men potentially on at one time. Some of you may wonder if I am going to cope with the change. Well all I can see is we will see!

Sadly we also say good bye to Ilana Mendels our permanent locum who is moving to Bris-Vegas shortly following the man of her dreams. We wish her all the best for her future.

As per usual, myself, Nicky Goldberg, Troy Jackson and on a Monday Julie Ashton will be around to look after you should you be concerned with any continuity issues. No one will look after your pets harder than we will and we will continue to offer them the same level of service that you would expect if you were presented to hospital.

We now have 4 Veterinarians rostered on every day.

We now have 6 Qualified Nurses and 2 Trainee Nurses

We are open 7.30am-7pm Monday-Friday,

9am-1pm Saturday

10am-1pm Sunday

Emergency Service till 11pm Monday – Friday

Call us, email us, facebook us or send us a pigeon, we will respond to everything and ensure you our clients and your pets are treated as one of our own.


Geoff and the Vet HQ Team

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