Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.07.11 PMLast week I mentioned that avoiding situations that caused stress and anxiety is far better for our pets (and for us). The problem however is if we can’t avoid them. We all need to do things that sometimes push us to discomfort. As vets we have taken an oath to pioneer the quality of life and welfare of our pets. Over the years we have looked after them medically and surgically but we have forgotten their emotional wellbeing.

At Vet HQ we are making a paradigm shift from not only treating your pets medically and surgically but also emotionally. We are taking small steps so that eventually I want to be able to say that every pet is comfortable at Vet HQ. So far we have done the following:

  • ADAPTIL and FELIWAY spray as soon as your pets come into the clinic.
  • A quiet consult room (consult 3)
  • We have started ‘Chill pills’ for dogs and a transdermal cream for cats
  • We are suggesting if your pet is anxious instead of wrestling them to use some sort of sedation.

  • 4 weeks ago Brinkley came in and was doing back flips. She did not want to see us and certainly didn’t want to come in to the consult room. 2 Weeks ago, with the aid of a medication called trazadone she walked happily through the hospital and sat with me without a concern. We were able to provide her with expert veterinary care without any emotional strain.

    Talk to us if you have any questions or comments.

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