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Eukanuba Cat food is inappropriate for a Labrador pup

When Moby came in to see me one Friday night at 8pm there was something a little odd.

The normally boisterous 5 month old puppy not only was flat and barely wagged his tail but his stomach protruded from his body about 20cm and was rock hard.

Moby’s dad informed me that he came home to find a happy healthy dog but he seemed thirsty and the bowl was empty.

Moby’s dad thought nothing of filling his bowl up with fresh water which Moby decided to drink entirely.

Right in front of his owners eyes Moby’s stomach started to increase in size.

It was only then that Moby’s dad found the brand new 3kg bag of Eukanuba chicken and rice cat food on the floor with the plastic open and not one small piece of food to be seen.

Luckily Moby was brought directly to me. Unfortunately he refused to vomit using the conventional medication.

An x-ray confirmed he had ingested the cat food so I proceeded to anaesthetise him and ‘pump his stomach’.

I joked with Moby’s dad that he could have all the food back. What came out via the stomach tube was very similar to what had gone in.

Later that night Moby was discharged from hospital and I gave his owners a new bag of cat food on one proviso, keep it stored in a high cupboard.

Any dog, especially a garbage guts like a Labrador will get into anything given half the chance. Please be sure to store food in a locked cupboard or up high out of reach.

This goes for all medications as well.

If you have any emergency’s remember Vet HQ offers an emergency service till 11pm during the week and after this time and on Saturday afternoon and Sunday all emergency’s are referred to North Shore Veterinary Emergency Service at 64 Atchison St Crows Nest (94364884). Our Telephone message phone and web site have clear instructions.

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