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Why are we different?

At Vet HQ we live according to our values – they are the backbone of our practice and form our practice culture.

The strong culture in both our clinics is created by the shared values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of both employees and management.

Our values at Vet HQ are:

  1. Together we are more successful
  2. We care about people, pets and our planet
  3. We do the best we can
  4. We communicate directly, honestly and empathetically
  5. We are responsible and we are the solution
  6. Learn, grow, evolve

We display our values up on the wall in the practice and refer to them constantly.

The main feedback we receive from recent hires about our clinics are:

  • The willingness to listen to staff and take feedback on board
  • How in tune our practice is
  • The friendly culture
  • The desire to improve as a company / management team
  • The opportunity for learning and growth
  • We have great teachers within the clinic
  • We recognise and acknowledge where we can improve
  • We display empathy for colleagues and offer support willingly
  • People feel safe to be vulnerable
  • We make it okay to ask for help
  • Staff offer support to their colleagues even outside of the clinic
  • We offer an excellent service
  • We make people feel welcome – even if they are new to the clinic
  • We genuinely care

ust last month we added our latest practice value: Learn, grow, evolve

We live this value by focusing on goal setting and training.

Our key focus areas in the coming months are goal setting for every individual staff member, training, and a pathway plan.

At Vet HQ we believe it’s vital to find out what your staff want to achieve and help them to fulfil those goals.

In summary at Vet HQ we stand apart from our competitors by focusing on:

  • Living our culture
  • Focusing on goal setting, pathway plans and training for all staff
  • Regular dedicated staff meetings where we close the practice
  • Wellness plans and activities in the practice