Dr Geoff’s 2 Cents Worth on the Cat Food Debate!

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 9.13.08 AMIt was great to see my friend and mentor Dr Sue Foster being interviewed on ABC news tonight .Dr Sue has commented on many of your pets cases over the years since she taught me at University. I should state I have not seen the research from the University, nor is there a secret file containing what food’s are dangerous and what are not but for what its worth here are my 2 cents worth …. Or if you know me well my 10 cents!!!!

I would like you all if you are interested to go back in my blogs and see the comments regarding myths in the pet industry regarding what to feed your pet. It is not surprising given that Veterinarians actually disagree openly on what should be fed. One of my mentors Dr Sue Foster a specialist in Feline medicine believes super premium cat foods are the only way to go. Professor Richard Malik arguable the smartest vet I know will only feed raw meat and bones (human consumption) to his cats. As you can tell if you watch this piece of journalism from the ABC, he hates ALL commercial pet food companies. ,

Vet HQ’s stance is also somewhat variable depending on who you see. Dr Caryn who has cats at home will feed some commercial (supermarket) wet food. I however would not consider wasting my time and money on that low protein (approx. 7%) food when a cat is a carnivore and needs meat protein to survive. I think probably as in every discussion/debate the truth lies somewhere in the middle and if you follow the principles below we can ensure your cats will be healthy and happy.

Our advice from the inception of Vet HQ has been to follow the following rules when feeding cats from the supermarket:

1. Never feed so called ‘fresh cat meat’. It contains a preservative that can severely affect and potential kill cats.
2. Only feed human consumption fresh meat.
3. Cats can and should eat raw bones such as chicken wings.
4. Often the nutritional benefit from a tin of human consumption fish like tuna is better than a tin of commercial pet food.Dont feed human grade fish exclusively more than twice weekly
5. We do not recommend any dry food sold in supermarkets. We only recommend the super premium brands that have conducted adequate research to show that what they on their label is what is available to their pets. These include, Hills, Royal Canin, Eukanuba and Advance.

For more information see these articles:
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Some supermarket cat food brands ‘may cause severe illness’

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