dr-seussWe often get asked for repeat prescriptions of medication without seeing an animal. The law requires us (in the same way in applies to people and their doctor) to see an animal every 6 months in order to prescribe ongoing medication. At that time we can dispense enough repeats for 6 months. We ask that if you require a repeat medication that you phone us and one of my nurses can dispense in advance of you coming in so we don’t waste your time.

Due to the complicated nature of some medications and the fact that animals age approximately seven years to every one human year we recommend that a blood test is done at least every 12 months and sometimes every 6 months. Some medications also require ongoing titre levels to ensure we have the dose in the optimal range. This will all be discussed with one of the Vet team at the time of your 6 monthly checks.

I cam across the following on social media recently.

If Dr Seuss was a Vet!

I wont dispense it, Sam I am, I wont dispense without exam.

I wont dispense it to your dog, although you’ll bash me in a blog.

I wont dispense it to your friend, who yells at me without an end.

I wont dispense it for the ear, for the eyes, or for the rear.

I wont dispense it though you yell, how mean I am the world you’ll tell!

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