One of the hardest days of my life losing you this week Chloe…. although I adopted you all those years ago and became your mum and your protector for life … what you didn’t know is that you also saved me as-well that day….

We have watched 15 years of sunsets together and sunrises, had a million paddle boards in the harbour , a million swims “that was your most favourite thing to do with me” and travelled together through life’s ups and downs.

We have had chats about life into the weeee hours of the morning… “you loved a good chat and are the only dog I have had who actually spoke ”….you have been the constant in my life throughout the last 15 years always knowing I was always coming home to you no matter what the day had thrown at me ..good or bad providing me with unconditional love a kiss and a cuddle to know everything would be ok tomorrow.

You were my shadow daily in life in everything I did and it will take a lot of time for me to get used to life not having you by my side everyday when I look down in the Physical. I know your still around but it’s not going to be the same…

Thank you for giving me such a gift of loving something so much with my whole heart… and thank you for accepting Calvin and Cooper your brothers in recent years and making room in our little circle of love for them into your life with me ….there is some comfort in me Knowing you are with Calvin again this week …I know how you have missed him, but also how lucky I am
To have Cooper here with me as well…

There really are no words to explain the loss of you in my Life… I suppose over time I will be able to speak of you and remember with a smile and not tears ….maybe not this week but at some point I hope…

In the end you had us all there to tell you how much we loved you till your very last breath …I’m so grateful that’s how your last mins were in this life in my arms the place you loved most.. with our little family all around you.

I Love you Chloe what a gift you were to me and everyone who knew you. I love you…. will miss you and will see you one day again I know that for sure .. xxx what a wonderful crazy love filled ride we had together…. love your mum xx🙏💕🐾🐾💔

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