Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 1.49.08 AMMy beautiful (monkey) Calvin, today you go to a better place free of pain and suffering no more tests no more feeling unwell no more pills….

Here’s my tribute to you.. Calvi

The first day I saw you I knew it was fate for you to be part of our family. The first day a brought you home I never let you know but I was so scared I was going to break you because you were so tiny.

Im going to miss so many things about you mostly your cuddles and your crazy crooked smile and they way you lit up a room when you bounced into it.

Im going to miss the reaction you made when we said the word “chicken” I don’t think I will ever eat chicken without thinking of you. Ill miss you paddleboarding with me in summer, chasing me on the beach everyday and getting grumpy when we touched your back legs which you hated but you made the cutest noise so we did it anyway. Im going to miss how you made us laugh with the silly things you did daily.

I will miss how you slept next to me at night always facing me with one eye slightly open just encase i got up so you would be ready to go with me on our next adventure together. Im going to miss you always being at the gate waiting for me when I came home. I’m going to miss giving you baths and people asking if I put nappisan on you because you looked so white. I’m going to miss you sleeping on the couch with me and giving me a cheeky smile always when I would move you off but in a loving way. I will mostly miss your strength and will to live.

What i wont miss is you being unwell the last few years on and off and the trips to the vet and the days you had to spend feeling unwell in hospital. Thats the only part I wont miss and there is part of me today that now knows your at peace and with our other dogs who have past on to a better place playing again which is something you haven’t been able to do the last few years.

Most of all I’m going to miss the love you had for me as your mum and the unconditional love you gave me always. You have taught me to be a better person and to care unconditionally for another living thing and too fight for life even when you don’t want to because there is always something to look forward to like CHICKEN! . Even until the end you thought of us. Thank you for not making me have to make the decision to end life for you. You did that for us today and for that I’m eternally grateful. You were the love of ours lives and the house feels empty without you in it. Your sister chloe is going to miss giving you kisses and running with you on the beach and sleeping with you all day. We will make sure she is ok I promise.

We love you beyond words Calvin my heart is completely broken today. A piece of me has gone with you today that I will never get back. We love, we love you, love you. 10 years together wow what a ride we have had. Thank you for choosing me to be your mum.

R.I.P my puppy who never grew up….until I can be with you again. Xoxoxox love always your mum xxxxx

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