screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-9-33-28-pmBungey, who passed away on 4 October was two months short of her 21st birthday. She was a beautiful cat – a domestic short hair – who had lived with her doting owner since she was a 6 month old kitten. She had a deep belief that she was, in fact, a superior form of life – hated dogs, cats, and most humans – and was the absolute mistress of her domain.

During the last 10 years of her life she was lucky to have the devoted attention of the caring vets at Vet HQ, in particular Tammy Poon and Nicky Goldberg. As Geoff has reminded me Bungey was his 6th registered patient when he started the practice all those years ago and, while Bungey had an aversion to vets – as a matter of principle, in the latter years of her long life, when their intervention was necessary, she accepted their ministrations with grace. Tammy, in particular, spent many visits crawling under beds into the darkest recesses to extract a lady who had no interest in healthcare whatever.

During the last few months of her life it became apparent that her time was drawing to a close but each time a decision to end it seemed to be required she reasserted her independence and the decision was postponed. It was not until the last two days of her long and fruitful life that the inevitability of her passing became obvious and she was obviously in some pain. Having made an appointment to have her examined with a view to accepting the inevitable this beautiful old lady saved her grieving owner from making that decision by departing this life at a time of her own choosing – asleep alongside his desk in the late afternoon sun.

She has now passed over the rainbow and no doubt started the next of her nine lives. May she be happy in her pursuits and continue to be loved and cared for.

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