Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 8.17.13 PMFrom the moment we met Bam Bam we absolutely adored him. He was the best present an 8 year old girl could have asked for and we even shared the same birthday.

Bam loved being with his family, he enjoyed standing rather than walking in the park and spending countless hours by the fire. He would even stand in front of the fire during the end of summer hoping for someone to cave in and turn it on.

Bam had the most wonderful disposition. Maybe this was a testament to being the runt of the litter which meant he spent the most time with his Mum as he was the last puppy left in the litter.

In Bam’s twilight years he unfortunately lost his sight and hearing. Bam did not concede defeat. He had memorised the floor plan of the house and the whereabouts of all the furniture. One morning Dad placed a window cleaning bucket filled with water within the vicinity of Bam’s bed. He mistook the bucket full of cold water for his bed and jumped in confidently. He fit perfectly into the bucket, panicked as he expected the warmth of his sheepskin rug rather than freezing cold water and then tripped back out of the bucket. This was the sort of occurrence which became more frequent for Bam due to his lack of sight.

Bam had a wonderful life and we are very grateful to have spent those 16 and a half years with him. He brought constant joy and happiness to our family and he will be forever in our hearts.

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