Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 6.56.07 PMAre you anxious about driving to work, or perhaps swimming at the beach or going to the top of a tall building? There are figures floating around that between 1 in 3 and 1 in 4 people suffer some sort of neurological impediment, anxiety being one of them.

I never forget many years ago I heard a talk by a leading Sydney Psychologist. She worked at the time at RPA hospital. She had clients that would come to her from all over Sydney and occasionally she would get someone from the North Shore of Sydney say I won’t see that woman because I am afraid of bridges (they wound not cross the Harbour Bridge or Gladesville Bridge). Her reply “Take the tunnel!”

Her working theory is that if you feel anxiety about something, avoid it. That’s easy if it’s a bridge (and there is a tunnel) or if it is the beach and sharks as there are pools. The problem in people is if you can’t avoid it, like being in crowds or going to the supermarket.

The same applies for your pets. I believe that pets probably suffer some form of neurological impediments at the same rate as people. I also believe that if we can avoid a situation that causes fear and anxiety then it is far better to do so.

For example a dog that does not like other dogs DOES NOT NEED TO GO TO THE DOG PARK. How many times do you see people dragging their dog to the dog park, thinking that their dog needs to socialise. This is not the case. Rather walk down the street or play in the back yard. Unfortunately, some things we can’t avoid like coming to see the dreaded Dr Geoff. If your pet is feeling anxious (in any situation) then please speak to us about how we can help them relax.

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