15E4E054EB3BBEB2C22413B78C872C89How Akira came to benefit from Homeopathy.

Akira’s fall into homeopathy

Akira is a 6 month old husky that has had a rocky start to life.

By the age of 3 months she had already spent 3 weeks in hospital and almost died due to a viral infection.

Then, at 6 months, she jumped off a 4m high balcony and landed on a concrete floor. I was called to the scene and found Akira apprehensive and in shock.  I established that she had most likely broken a few bones. However Akira was reluctant to move or be moved. I initially gave her a high dose of Arnica remedy. Arnica is a homeopathic remedy that is used for injuries, falls, blows, contusions and shock. It is especially useful when there is black and blue bruising or when animals fear touch and anyone approaching them at the time of injury.

EA4F31407D09EC71728A512E1F53C99AAfter receiving Arnica, Akira seemed to relax and was then much more agreeable for us to transfer her directly to Vet HQ onto a stretcher. At the hospital Akira was put on intravenous fluids, given analgesics and had X rays taken. She had multiple fractures in her hips and an avulsion fracture of the scapula. Luckily all these fractures were non-displaced and given her age conservative management was the best option.

Strict rest – easier said then done in a 6 month old puppy.

Symphytum is a homeopathic remedy made from comfrey or what is also referred as the knit bone plant. In herbal medicine it is used externally as a compress for broken bones. In homeopathy it is given to stimulate bone healing and will reduce to time required to fractures to heal. Rapid healing was essential as young Akira was not too impressed about being made to rest!

She was given symphytum 200c along with Arnica 1m taken daily. As a preventative for possible osteoarthritis as a consequence of her fractures, Akira was also put on to fish oil, Zydax – pentosan polysulphate, glucosamine and homeopathic calcium phosphate tissue salts to stimulate re-mineralizations of her bones.

Akira did very well and 6 weeks down the track is running around happily but should really still be in bed!

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