Vet HQ has spent six years carving an essential niche in the Eastern Suburbs, aiming to provide the highest standard of veterinary care while offering a complete and individualized approach to animal health through their values of integrity, communication, education, teamwork, respect and excellence.  We already provide full veterinary and surgical facilities, Dog Day Care, Cat Boarding and Grooming Services. Over the past year we have also been helping organisations such as Animal Welfare League New South Wales in finding homes for stray kittens.  Director and Veterinarian Geoff Golovsky now plans to further expand Vet HQ through a new program Adoption HQ, in partnership with Animal Welfare League NSW and other Adoption organisations.

By forming Adoption HQ, Dr. Golovsky and his team aim to provide regulated small animal adoption within their Double Bay clinic, and while doing so to educate the public on responsible pet ownership and current hot topics in regards to animal welfare. We also will highlight the role of foster carers to help with the process.  Every year 250,000 dogs and cats that have been surrendered to shelters are euthanased in Australia. Ironically, this figure is equal to the entire human population of the Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. The aim is to use existing shelters and help facilitate the adoption process. We know how stressful travelling to shelters can be and how emotional it is to see so many animals looking for homes. Our aim is to encourage adoption whilst removing any angst involved.

According to AWL research, common reasons for rehoming pets include owners not being able find accommodation where pets are allowed, changes in partner relationships, inability to commit to the costs of pet ownership- food and veterinary care, and being unwilling to invest in training for solvable behavioural problems such as separation anxiety. Many of the animals surrendered were impulse purchases made at pet stores, where individuals were not informed of the commitment and work involved in owning a dog or a cat.

Through Adoption HQ and Animal Welfare League NSW, Dr. Golovsky and his team have set a goal of vastly improved animal welfare in the Eastern Suburbs. If you’re interested in rescuing a dog or a cat, or becoming a foster carer, please fill in the relevant attached forms and send it to

Before You Get A Dog – 8 Essential Tips to Get it Right
The purpose of the eGuide written and produced by Pets4life is to help people think very carefully before getting a dog. It includes case studies of Sydney families who share their experience of getting a dog and their tips. The eGuide has been endorsed by Dr Joanne Righetti. Please go to and download a free copy.

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