32B4DA785DFBA7C8E721E9C82A648346As you are no doubt aware there is no Medicare for animals. We are lucky enough to if we need it get a MRI or xrays done almost immediately and may be out of pocket a few hundred dollars.

Unfortunately, the costs of veterinary medicine and surgery are escalating. As professionals, we cannot recommend a particular product, but below I will go through the many policies available and hopefully you will have enough information to be able to choose one for you loved family pet. Vet HQ strongly recommends pet insurance.

Please click here to read our statement on Pet Insurance.


Vet HQ places brochures of several policies in our puppy packs. We do not recommend a single policy. We only believe that you should insure your pets. And don’t worry about the paper work. We do it for you. Give us your policy number and every time you come in all you need to do is fill in a claim form and we will do everything else.