Late last night we received notification from our governing body the Australian Veterinary Association that we should be vaccinating all dogs in ‘inner Sydney’ for leptospirosis. They believe that as there is a potential threat to our pets and a potential ability for the bacteria to affected humans that the risk benefit ratio is in the favour of vaccination.

It has also been reported yesterday that another dog affected by the disease (my count is 3 in the last 3 weeks) has had a culture positive to the serovar that is contained in the vaccination.

I would like to stress that this is NOT an outbreak and that further testing is currently underway at the University of Sydney to establish how prevalent the bacteria truly is. I would also like to direct people to what we have written and what is contained in the alert attached to this post. Also everything I mentioned yesterday in my online video is still true.

Please contact us for further details or book in for a vaccination. All at risk dogs should have 2 or 3 vaccinations 2 weeks apart. We recommend to stay out of stagnant fresh water and keep your pets on leads in areas where there are rats.

Geoff Golovsky

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