Vet HQ is a non-corporate, family-run vet practice that provides your pets with the highest quality medical, surgical, and preventative health care. We understand that pets are family. We strive to be an integral link between you and your pet. We promise that no one will work harder than us to look after your fur babies.

It’s been 17 years since we opened in the Eastern Suburbs, and we are proud to have two of the largest hospitals on the peninsula.

We revised our core values as a team in 2022:

  1. Together we are more successful
  2. We care about people, pets, and our planet
  3. We do the best we can
  4. We communicate directly, honestly, and empathetically
  5. We are responsible and we are the solution
  6. Learn, grow, evolve

Valued – making staff and clients feel VALUED
Empathy – staff and clients need to be heard, and solutions found
Teamwork – ask for help, give help, back people up
Helpfulness and Happiness – go above and beyond, set goals and improve.
Quality – of care, knowledge, experience, service

Vet HQ has 14 veterinarians and a large team of qualified veterinary nurses, trainee nurses, customer service representatives, daycare and cat boarding teams, and groomers. We are passionate about education and so we always have trainees, and for 3 years now, we have run a very successful graduate veterinarian program.

We have full medical, surgical, radiography, endoscopy, dental, and ultrasonic facilities. We have a well-equipped in-house laboratory to provide instantaneous information on the health and condition of your pet. We stock a full range of pharmaceuticals as well as a wide variety of complete and balanced veterinary recommended pet food products and safe treats. We also have a grooming service, dog daycare, and cat boarding facilities.