What NOT to do with a golfball.

A Hole in One

My father was very proud of me one day in October. Till then the longest drive I had ever done was actually when my club went further than the ball. This time I got a hole in one at work in surgery and courtesy of Archie – the most beautiful Great Dane I have ever known.

Archie used to go for walks on the golf course. One day he obviously was feeling a little peckish as he ingested a whole ball – in one gulp as there were no teeth marks on the ball. A few weeks later he was suffering with some mild gastritis – a little vomiting, burping and the occasional diarrhoea.  After a few weeks of not responding we took a radiograph that showed a large round structure in the stomach.

We prepared for a trip to the golf course. Archie was anaesthetized and prepared for surgery. We opened up his abdomen and then his stomach and removed as you can see a slightly bile stained but otherwise perfectly intact golf ball.

Archie, unfortunately is no longer with us. He passed away a few months later from disease unrelated to his golfing expedition. We will miss him. On our memory page there is a beautiful poem written by Archie’s Grandmother and a photo that shows him in his prime.


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