What’s new this year?

Staff changes.

Welcome back Tammy Poon. For those of you who don’t remember I first met and worked with Tammy while she was a young determined student trying to get into Vet School. I’m not going to tell you what year that was because it will show my age, but it is rare to find someone with so much determination and drive. A marathon runner, a wife, a mum and now a return to work after maternity leave woman – the toughest job on the planet. As a boss of over 30 woman, It is a very real possibility that one day we may have a kids crèche next to dog day care. I have been so impressed with Tammy’s first weeks back on the job, her commitment, drive and ability to not even miss a step in her knowledge and skill. Congratulations and welcome back.

Sasha our reception manager has followed her love to country NSW. We wish her all the best and good luck, have fun and we all know you will be back one day so make sure you call us for a job. Whilst we are on reception, Ainslie one of our receptionists is taking up a job as a floater in all departments instead of reception full time. We have been lucky enough to fill the two positions with amazingly qualified staff.

Amber has spent many years as a receptionist manager in a very busy medical practice in North Sydney. She is following her dream of working with animals – apparently they don’t complain as much and will be starting at the end of February. Cheshire a local eastern suburbs girl and managed and run many local retail stores and also has decided to follow her dreams into the animal industry. Like many of my most valued customer service staff, they bring with them a wealth of client service skills that to me is the MOST important. I know we can teach the animal skills and knowledge. What we can’t teach is to care for people and their pets like their own. That is the foundation of Vet HQ and something that we endeavour to hire on and develop in the coming years.


If you don’t know already Saturdays at Vet HQ just got more interesting. We will now be open from 9am to 5pm on Saturdays. We will have both vets and Nurses on all day to look after your pets needs even more completely.

If you have any questions make sure you call and speak to one of the team about Saturdays.

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