Dental disease is a very big problem in our pets. It is to do with the feeding of poor quality pet food and a change in the mouth confirmation (dentition and abrasion) from over breeding or selecting specific genetic traits and forgetting about the teeth. At Vet HQ we strive to provide a service similar to what your dentist and oral hygienist can offer.

We have state of the art IM3 dental machines and trained nurses to assist. We have dental radiology to ensure all hidden disease is noted and we will follow up with regular visits, dietary advice and supplement advice to ensure ongoing prophylactic care.

The Dental Procedure involves:
E005FCA1C21E2475662AD150A2A4EC9FUnfortunately animals do not open their mouths and say AHHH!. As a result a full general anaesthesia is recommended for a dental. A trained Veterinary Nurse or Veterinarian will chart the mouth and note any issues such as cavities, periodontal disease , gingivitis, overcrowding, enamel disease. Tartar then is removed with the IM3 42-12 Ultrasonic Scaler. This is the market leader machine in the world. Unlike other ultrasonic tooth scalers that use a ‘jack hammer’ approach to tooth scaling this machine adopts a more gentle technique with its revolutionary rotational tip movement and ultrasonic removal of the plaque and calculus. This ensures no damage to the tooth and a superior clean to the tooth you can see and the tooth that sits under the gum. Plaque disclosing solutions and UV light is used after the procedure to confirm the scale has been done completely. If extractions are required phone calls are always made first and are done by a Veterinarian. Local anesthetic nerve blocks are always used to reduce pain even though a full anaesthetic has occurred, and to improve recovery comfort. The IM3 Delux GS unit allows us high speed drill with LED light source, Water and Chlorhexadine antibacterial spray, and a low speed polishing device. This is the top of the range when it comes to dental prophylaxis products.

0F5295D7363577F313B4E073AE3AB486Dental Xrays:
Vet HQ has recently invested in a brand new Dental Xray unit the CR7 Vet Advanced dental Xray unit. We are one of the first in the country to have this machine. It offers us the ability to look under the gum and assess the damage and again offer a more complete service. Dental xrays as they do in human dentistry are now an integral component of treatment so we can look after not only the crown but the root as well.  Xrays due to the cost are not part of the routine service but should the need be there, we have the best machine available to do the job.

Post Op Medications:
Antibiotics will be used should extractions occur or if there is significant gingivitis. This is to prevent bacterial translocation into the blood stream that could cause serious problems. Dental disease has been linked to kidney disease, cardiac disease and strokes in people. Pain relief will be dispensed should we feel your pet will be uncomfortable.

Emergency Service:
We offer service from Monday to Friday till 11pm. Should any concerned occur once your pet is at home you can always contact one of our vets. After 11pm we have cover by an Emergency Service. Just ring our number and you will get all the details.

39232F408B01A5BDDD96878CC351BF36Post Op Checks:
Plaque has already built up on the teeth 20min after brushing. This plaque will calcify and form calculus within weeks. We realise this and offer several options to encourage adequate post operative care. After 10 days we have a recheck consultation with the vet at no charge. At that time a plaque disclosing solution is used to highlight the plaque adherence. We then teach you the client how to brush the teeth adequately and demonstrate at the time the success of brushing. We will talk about other ways to reduce plaque adherence. This includes Raw bones (not cut in half), Hills t/d diet and Oral gels.

Depending on the amount of plaque build up we will discuss entering your pet in our Nurse dental Wellness program. This program helps you keep on top of the dental prophylaxis by seeing one of our nurses ongoing monthly or every 2-3 months for a manual scale and polish.

In February 2012 Sonja our number 2 nurse and myself went to a 2 day intensive Dental program run by dental specialists. We have learnt the most up to date techniques and understand how to use the equipment to its maximum potential. One of our core values at Vet HQ is education, and this will not be compromised.

Another core values of ours At Vet HQ is an individualised approach to pet care. we pride ourselves on offering the best solution for you and your pets. If costs are an issue please discuss with us what we can do to tailor what we do to suit your needs. We will be able to tailor certain parts of our treatment plans to you and your pet  although we will not compromise on safety and efficacy at any time.

If you have any questions please email me at should you be interested in finding out more about our equipment and facilities please ring us or email me for more information. Unfortunately we are unable to quote for dental procedures over the phone as the extent of disease is not known. However we are happy to see you in a consult prior to the dental and an estimate can be made. There will be no charge for this consult if it purely to quote for a dental.