Vision: To provide a targeted behaviour consultation service to our clients so that we can help strengthen the bond between owner and pet.

VetHQ is proud to offer a new behaviour focused service for you and your pets.

What We Offer

We now offer private behaviour consultations for dogs and cats. Dr Caryn Wun and Dr Liz Rowland are two of our veterinarians with a special interest in behaviour medicine. Behaviour consultations are available from 8-5pm most Thursdays They will work in consultation with our entire veterinary team to come up with a behaviour modification plan to suit your pet.

Over the years we have found that a number of our clients have behavioural concerns about their pets, and that we are unable to give these concerns our full attention in a short consultation, especially where there are other distractions or other reasons for the visit. As such, we have decided to offer a dedicated behaviour service where we can give you, and your pet, the attention and consideration they require to fully deal with your behaviour concerns.

Our behaviour service deals with common canine and feline behavioural concerns, including:
• Anxiety disorders, including separation anxiety;
• OCD behaviours;
• Fear and phobias, including storms, fireworks and other noises;
• Cognitive dysfunction in older pets; and
• Inappropriate urination / defecation disorders, especially in cats.

We specialise in using positive reinforcement based (not punishment based) behavioural modification techniques, environmental management and enrichment, and adjunctive medication to manage and treat these conditions.

As trained veterinarians, we are also able to discuss and rule in or out potential medical causes for behavioural issues.

We deal mainly with behavioural problems in pets, rather than training problems, and will refer you to a trainer if this is deemed more appropriate.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide a service for severe aggression issues, but can assist in referral for these cases.

At this stage, behaviour consultations will take place on Thursdays only, so make sure you book ahead to secure an appointment.

Pricing and Inclusions

The cost of our behaviour consultations will be $290. This includes:
• A 1 hour consultation with a veterinarian in our clinic or in your home. Please let us know your preference.
• A Behaviour Modification Program report tailored to your pet. This may or may not include a medication schedule;
• Appropriate handouts and information;
• Follow up phone calls to evaluate progress every 2 weeks for the first month of the implemented behaviour program.

Recheck and follow-up appointments will be at a fee of $100 for a half hour consultation. We generally recommend a reassessment 4-6 weeks after beginning the behaviour program. Further re-examination visits will be recommended as required.

Costs do not include additional tests or medications that may be required for your

How to Make an Appointment

Please call the clinic on (02) 9326 1255 to make an appointment. We will send you a short Pre-consult Behaviour Questionnaire appropriate to your pet (dog or cat) that you will need to fill in prior to your consultation.