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In as long as we have had Trixie as part of our family, four years now, she has been riddled with health complications and chronic illness, from having you and Carin assist with diagnosing her mega esophagus, along with a weak gut, to removing foreign objects stuck in the back of her eye socket.

Recently after coming to you with what looked like some kind of skin condition/disorder, you were thorough and thoughtful enough to treat Trixie and observe her until you were able to give us detailed answers and analysis about what the underlying problem might be.

As it turns out, her hair has almost all grown back, so it may have been seasonal, but in giving such great attention to Trix, you were also able to detect the early onset of kidney disease.

I am writing to let you know, that since the diagnosis and shift in diet to food more focused on her kidneys, we have seen significantly less throwing up, we are now living with a dog that seems to be digesting her food better than she ever has in her life, she looks and behaves like the healthiest version of her we have known.

Thank you so much for this, Trixie is very much part of our family, and having her keep her food and water down for days at a time is a new and wonderful experience for us and perhaps no one can appreciate what a difference that makes than you and your staff.

Thanks for being so caring and patient.

Esti and Dan Z. April 16, 2015

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